Rules Associated With Impaired Driving

Impaired driving is a really serious matter, which can have a serious impact like a losing the driving license, a fine, a criminal record, a criminal record, losing the right to drive and in sometimes jail. Whether it is because of drugs or alcohol, driving the vehicle while being impaired enhances the chance of getting into an accident and one could face some criminal charges. Here in this article, you will get to learn about driving while being impaired and what could actually happen in case you get behind the wheel while you are not properly fit to drive.

What is impaired driving?


In case of impaired driving, the vehicle owner drives a motor vehicle even when he/ is unable to drive. The decreased ability to drive a vehicle comes from the effects of drugs, alcohol or both at the same time. Even sometimes, fatigue combined with any drug or alcohol can also decrease the ability of any person to drive to the point that is illegal.

The law that applies to drunk driving


In case of Ontario impaired driving, the Criminal Code deals with the case of driving under the influence of alcohol. This code is applicable for both the offense of driving with the blood alcohol level more than 80mg/100ml and driving the vehicle while being impaired. This code also sets out sentences for these offences mentioned above and the sentences mainly depend on the type of offenses, the total number of times, the person has committed the offense in past and the seriousness of the offense. The possible sentences include: jail time, fines and also the suspension of the driving license. This rule is applicable to all the motor vehicles, including all those that are not used on the public roads.

What does the law says about impaired driving?


As per the Criminal Code, two different types of offenses are related to Ontario impaired driving. One of the offenses is driving vehicles with the blood alcohol level over 80mg/100ml. The drivers are guilty of these offenses as early as their blood alcohol level is over than this limit, even though the alcohol amount in the body doesn’t affect the driving.

Another one is the driving offense while impaired by any drug or alcohol or a combination of both. For this type of offense, this doesn’t matter whether the drivers actually consume loads of drugs or alcohol. Rather, here it is important whether the ability of the driving has reduced because of alcohol, drug or both.