Don’t Let Identity Theft Affect Your Eligibility

Dating in the 21st century has become easier and harder for singles in the United States. The internet has made searching for potential mates simpler as seekers create intricate profiles designed to filter preferences down to the most personal of traits. Some dating sites require daters to input personal details and financial information for premium services. Consumers must be careful when creating dating profiles and treat them just as carefully as they would their bank account profiles.

Identity theft has become an all too common issue throughout the world. Securing passwords and other confidential information is essential to keeping your identity and credit safe. The damage that identity theft can have and how far reaching it can go has been prominent in the news lately. Right now, current and former government employees are on edge waiting to see if their identities were stolen. Hackers based in China are believed to have caused a security breach, jeopardizing the identities of over four million federal workers. If confirmed, this would be the second largest hack that has come out of Beijing in the last year.

So what is a compromised federal worker to do? Currently, the Office of Personnel Management has started to notify all individuals who may have been affected by the security breach. Notices are being mailed and emailed over the coming weeks. In lieu of the breach, the federal government is offering former and current federal employees free identity theft and credit monitoring services.

The number of victims of identity theft continue to increase as technology makes it easier for hackers to accumulate consumer information. For any type of victim there are certain steps that they can take to mitigate damage that can be caused by identity theft:

  • Watch all financial account statements for strange activity.
  • Request annual free credit reports
  • Contact the credit bureaus and ask to be placed on fraud alert. This compels any creditors to notify you before a new account is opened in your name.

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Consumers are not the only ones who must deal with fraud. Business owners also deal with fraud and must take the necessary precautions to avoid losing money due to dishonest behavior. Chargeback insurance providers, like, are dedicated to monitoring and alerting businesses to suspicious activity and any pending chargebacks. Chargebacks occur when a consumer pays for an item, receives the items, and then claims that someone made the purchase without their authorization. Most chargebacks occur before the business has mounted an adequate strategy to dispute the chargeback. This results in lost revenue, plus chargeback fees.

Individuals and businesses alike should always be on the lookout for identity theft and other methods of fraud. For people searching for love, decent credit can be a determining factor in finding a life mate. So before you say “I do,” make sure that no one else is saying it too.